Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Korean Herbal Medicine Chest Maple Early 20th C
An antique 2 section Korean herbal medicine chest with a Maple wood and Horse Chestnut front. With original brass hardware, there are 80 drawers total, 74 visible and 6 hidden behind the hinged doors. Each drawer is identified by the herbal name that was stored there.

Age: Early 20th Century

Dimensions: 36 3/8" Wide by 53 1/4" High by 13" Deep
item #1493521
Antique Tall Korean Kitchen Chest 2 Section
An antique Korean tall 2 section kitchen chest made of Elm and Pear wood. Book match design conjures images of landscapes with rock formations. Blackened brass hardware with 20 circular medallion hinges. Beautiful age patina with an elegant design.

Age: Late 19th Century

Dimensions: 68 3/4" High by 43" Wide by 20 1/2" Deep
item #1493271
Pair of Chinese Meditation Chairs Huonghuali Early 20th C
A pair of meditation chairs made of Huonghuali wood. Seat back has a center key fret design with carved borders that match the arm rests on both front and back. The surrounding skirt has a pair of dragons protecting a Shishi Dog repeating on all sides.

Age: Early 20th Century

Dimensions of each chair: 30" Wide by 38 1/4" High by 23" Deep
item #1489533
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Antique Tall Korean Nong 2 Section Mother of Pearl Korean Empire
A tall antique Korean Nong clothes cabinet decorated in mother of pearl with nickel hard mounts. Twelve landscape scenes with six stylized book match on front hinged doors. Key fret frame design surrounding doors and drawers.

Age: Late 19th-Early 20th C Korean Empire Period

Dimensions: 64 3/4" High by 36 1/4" Wide by 19" Deep
item #1488949
Korean Antique Small Personal Bandaji Trunk
Miniature Korean antique bandaji (trunk) for storing small personal items. Made of elm wood with beautiful hardware. The upper portion has door that opens from the front to reveal two small interior drawers. The bottom portion has two small doors which open to a single compartment. The chest stands on curved feet. Comes with a traditional Korean fish lock and key.

Age: early 20th century

Dimensions: 13 1/2" high x 13 1/2" wide x 7 1/2" deep
item #1486859
Antique Korean Bandaji Ash & Red Pine Bedding Chest
An antique Korean Bandaji chest with book matched Ash and Red Pine woods. Nickel hard mounts with bat Thandles symbolizing good fortune and luck. Two small side drawers with key. Straight dovetail construction with a beautiful original patina.

Late 19th -Early 20th Century

Dimensions: 38 1/2" Wide by 34" High by 17 5/8" Deep
item #1479886
Antique Korean Money Chest 19th Century Red Pine
An antique Korean money chest or trunk made entirely of heavy Red Pine wood. All hand forged iron hardmounts and fittings. Strong box design to withstand the heavy weight caused by the storage of coins.

Age: 19th Century (Yi Dynasty)

Dimensions: 42" Wide by 16 1/4" High by 20" Deep
item #1479281
Antique Korean Nong 19th Century Elm 2 Section
An antique 2 section Korean Nong made of Elm, Genko and Pine woods. Nickel hard mounts with foliated central lock plate medallions. Ryu shaped hinges. With bat mounts representing happiness and articulated Chau ornaments symbolizing longevity. The front elm wood is book matched for visual symmetry and balance. Original paper lined interior.

Age: 19th Century

Dimensions: 33 1/4" Wide by 52 7/8" High by 14" Deep
item #1479171
Korean Antique Medicine Chest
Antique Korean herbalist's medicine chest. Standing on low feet, this chest has 51 drawers and a small compartment at the very bottom opened by sliders. Each drawer is labeled in Korean and has a small metal ring for a drawer pull. The inside of the drawers are divided into two sections.

Age: 19th century

Dimensions: 36 1/4" high x 35 1/2" wide x 9 1/4" deep
item #1477361
Korean Antique Kitchen Storage Cabinet
Antique Korean single-section kitchen storage cabinet. The top portion has 4 lattice panels. The two on the outside are stationery while the two in the center slide to open a large compartment. The lower portion of the chest has a pair of hinged doors which open to another compartment. On the bottom right is a small drawer over a box opened with a hinged door.

Age: 19th century

Dimensions: 48" high x 39 1/2" wide x 17 1/4" deep
item #1477359
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